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Pensylvania Education and Technology Conference is something that we as Tech teachers try to attend and take willing teachers to each year. This year two classroom teachers attended along with the Tech Director and tech teachers. We will use this page to place links, ideas etc from the sessions that we attended.

We will list the sessions by category below along with the link to the presenter's materials. Each presenter organized their material in different ways. Some made wikis, some made PowerPoints, etc. You will need to visit each link and sift through some of the material to find what works for you. Since this can be overwhelming, we suggest that you explore one topic at a time. Remember, you can always come back at a later date (such as over the summer) to learn more.

TECH curriulum - building the Ideal Computer Lab Curriculum


iPads & Ipods

Karen Ditzler
Karen Ditzler

iPad Integration: A Center-Based Approach

Join us to learn about how elementary teachers are using iPads to engage students in their learning centers and small group activities. We will explore creative ways to use iPads as learning tools and share apps that enhance learning by allowing students to practice skills and accelerate their learning.
Linda Nitsche
Linda Nitsche

An App a Day: Using iPads in the Classroom

The iPad brings interactive learning and amazing resources to the fingertips of all learners. Learn how to integrate this amazing resource to expand creativity, collaboration, communication, critical thinking in all content areas. Also discover strategies for using just one iPad in your classroom. Make learning with iPads a reality in your classroom.

Session Wiki: http://appaday.wikispaces.com

Matthew Strine
Matthew Strine

Using an iPod Touch in a 3rd Grade Classroom

Presenters: Wendi Morris, 3rd Grade Teacher - Propel Homestead Charter School
Matthew Strine, Director of Instructional Technology - Propel Charter Schools

Program Description: From daily centers using educational Apps, to project based learning using iMovie, and differentiated instruction using QR codes, come and see how a 3rd Grade classroom can be transformed into an exciting learning environment for students and teachers alike!

Session Web Page: http://goo.gl/aZCYb
Additional resources:


Maryann Molishus
Maryann Molishus

Geo-Literacy for Today's Classrooms

Description: Today, we can easily connect to the world, but according to a recent report, only about 25 percent of U.S. students are proficient in geography. Explore resources that will not only help us understand the physical aspects of geography, but also will help us see how humans and the environment are connected and how our decisions affect others.

Audience: K-8 Click HERE for resources.

Movie Making


Green Screening For Dummies (3rd Edition)

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I want to thank all of you who came out to see our presentation. I hope that I erased your fear in using green screening in your classrooms. What works in your classroom is really a trial and error process, but the results and your students' excitement is well worth it. I have uploaded the PowerPoint presentation for you to view and use.
The website is:http://storiescomealive.wikispaces.com
I am adding the videos that we created there. There are many other resources there to check out. If you have any questions, please contact me at: kadair@philasd.org

Lisa Hollenbach
Lisa Hollenbach

JL04 Animate & Activate!: Mad Moviemaking Methods

Mad Moviemaking Wiki
Mad Moviemaking Collaboration Spreadsheet

Please contribute to the Spreadsheet above!!! If you use and / or create videos as a part of effective instruction, share the strategies and resources that work for you!!! The Google form can be found on the last page of the wikispace!!

Annie Fetter
Annie Fetter

DL06 Screen-Capture Movies Show Student Thinking

Monday, February 13, 3:45 - 4:45, Cocoa Suite 2/3
I'm speaking with Debbie Wile (she's the official presenter). Our "handout" is at http://mathforum.org/blogs/annie/
"See" student thinking with screen-capture movies. We'll look at how we make movies (easy, free), a brief glance at Geometer's Sketchpad (which is where our work on this topic started), see some movies made by online and onsite students, and talk about other ways in which this technology might be leveraged in the classroom.


Laura Mikowychok
Laura Mikowychok

Moodle Design Disasters, Repaired

  • Laura Mikowycho
Program Description: Is your Moodle course feeling messy, gaudy, or ho-hum? Are students lost on your page? Are you struggling to mix function and form, or banish the 'Lackluster List' of Moodle? Join a Moodle admin and graphic designer for tricks, organization strategies, and design ideas that spruce up (or tone down) your course. Let's fix those design disasters!
Resources - nice check list
Maureen Seidel
Maureen Seidel

Moodle Book Club, It's Elementary!

Getting students to read during the summer months can be a challenge. Come learn how our district used Moodle, Web 2.0 sites and free books to keep elementary students interacting with text and each other during the summer break.

During these times of financial crisis, many programs that are offered to students are at risk of being cut. Technology can offer a key alternative in to keeping students learning and involved with text while building a community.
  • Participants will explore the design of a Moodle course for elementary students.
  • Participants will learn about web 2.0 tools that can contribute to interactivity (Quizlet, Comic Creator, Linoit, Read/Write Think, etc.)
Online resources
Summer Book Club- Moodle
Spelling City
Web 2.O List

Interested in further training on Moodle, Web 2.0 and more? You are invited to the Spring Into Technology Conference on March 24,2012 hosted by the East Stroudsburg Area School District. Click here for further information

Common Core Standards

Common Core and Technoogy - Where Do We Start?

Description: Common Core and Technology - where do you start? What are the right tools? Join us as we share our favorite web tools that you can use in your classroom tomorrow. You will walk away with a tool box of free resources that you can use to address the technology standards that are embedded within the Common Core Standards. BYOL for active participation!
Resources: http://www.slideshare.net/tdynda/common-core-and-technology-where-d...
  • Cindy Murphy ~ Curriculum SpecialistSeneca Highlands IU9119 S. Mechanic StreetSmethport, PA 16749csmurphy@iu9.org
  • Tanya Dynda ~ Instructional Technology SpecialistSeneca Highlands IU9119 S. Mechanic StreetSmethport, PA 16749tdynda@iu9.org


Three R's for Digital Coaching and Assessment

Description: Help teachers target higher order thinking with RIGOR, relevance and rubrics. Our didtrict has made tremendous strides in technology integration with a full time instructional coach and a district wide focus on assessments. This session will share specific examples for coaching assessment and rubrics and instructional technology integration
Resources: http://thedigitalshift.wikispaces.com/Rigor+and+Relevance